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These norns are wolfling run norns. The hand has not interfeared with them at all.

Button, gota push da Button! Bridger is the father of Freda, Ivan, Ham, and Jenni. He likes riding the lift. He likes cheese. Son of Fredrick and Sandi.
download Bridger
U be Jammin' Daughter of Ham and Hay. She likes playing the guitar.
Download Iris
Got milk? She likes milk and cheese. Daughter of Bridger and Freda. Mother of Krista.
download Jenni
Send in the clones! Daughter of Ham and Freda. Sister to Jenni and Iris. She likes cheese.
download Julie
I've got this weird growth on my back! He is the father of Krista. He likes hanging out in the kitchen. Son of Geo and Sandi.
download Shane
Isn't she lovely. She is the mother of Varn. One of her parents was a ron norn. Daughter of Fredrick and Vixy.
Download Veni
That shrink ray's wearing off. He is the father of Varn. Son of Vic and Veni. Brother to Vesta. He likes playing with the ball.
Download Vern
Used barbell too much! He is the father of Vesta. Son of Fredrick and Vixy. Sister to Veni. He likes exploring and hanging out in the kitchen.
Download Vic

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