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Hello, and welcome to the fourteenth edition of the StudsNdudS adoption page. This page is for creatures that you send in, that you think are either Studs or Duds.

Please send me your norns, grendels, or ettins for this page.

Darin is a grendel stud. He likes carrots and lemons. He has sired at least 3 offspring. He has red tinting on him.
Download Darin

Deedie is a child of the mind franken norn. She doesn't move or eat. She does smile sometimes.
Download Deedie


Hugo he likes carrots and mint. He has sired 3 offspring. He likes to hangout in the kitchen.

Download Hugo

Ibin loves the mint plant. He has sired 3 offspring. He likes exploring and staying in the kitchen.

Download Ibin

Lorin is an ettin who will not eat. He does move around. He is yellow in color. He was raised on terra nornia.

Download Lorin

vex is a wolfling child of the mind. She doesn't eat or move. She is part franken norn.
Download Vex
Carolina is the first C2 dud I have received so far. She suffered brain damage from jumping into the water and almost drowning. She is a Nova subterra norn.

Download Carolina

Curis is a very handsome norn. He has sired 4 norns. His fur is blue tinged.

Download Curtis

Well, that's all for this week. Please tell me what you think of this page. This page is open to any kind of creature, weather it be norn, ettin, shee, or grendel.

This page updated on October 19th, 1999 by Rude Dog

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