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RudeDog's new and improved cob page

The page with all the cobs I've made so far.

This is the Egg-Remover cob. I made it for the express purpose of getting rid of those problem eggs, that won't hatch, crash the game, or can't be moved. Use extream caution, it will delete all eggs on the world. Hatch the egg you don't want to lose!

Click here to download

This is version 2.1 of the cob and it is dedicated to all those norn-bread lovers out there. ;) Many heads are now available in this cob! They are injected randomly.This cob is a food. It has more starch than a carrot but, less than a cheese. Fixed error that caused the cob to crash.
Click here to download my headcheese cob
This new cob was inspired by Pool Shark. It's a lolly pop for norns and grendels. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a GrenPop? 3. ;-) {new sound added}
Click here to download my GrenPop COB
This microscope cob is a toy for your norn to play with. It lowers tiredness and boredem. Raises sleepiness and lowers need for pleasure.
Now available ! Click to download
This Cob is called the OUCH doll. Let your norns or grendels take their anger out on it. When pulled or droped it says ouch. lowers bordem and increases pleasure.
Click here to download this new COB!
And here is my latest creation. Made with help from a fellow CMG member. The spam cob provides more nutrition for a grendel than a norn.
Click here to download this COB
I liked ouch dolls so much I made a sequeal. Intoducing the grenmix dolls. Collect them all today! :) The dolls laugh, say 'ouch!' and sometimes say bibble!
Download The GrenMix dolls

Updated on September 23, 1999 by RudeDog

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