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The Creatures Mosoleum

Hello and welcome to the Creatures Mosoleum. The Mosoleum is a place for you to remember your dead creatures to the world.

Send me a picture and short discription of your creature. I'll put them up for a week, so the world can remember them. You can send in pictures of any creature, be it grendel, ettin, norn, or shee.

Now on to this week's plot of deceased creatures.

Current: Daughter of Cavin and Cranberry. She died of a virus. She was a very cute santa norn. Hamlet: Son of Gideon and Velveteen. Grandson of Foxie and Vixen. He liked lemons. He died of SIDS. He will be missed. Hum: He was a black norn. He died of SIDS. He will be missed. Zelda: Daughter of Zircon and Illen. Grand-daughter to Quartz and Hilda. She was a red norn. She died of a genetic defect. She will be missed.
Electra: Daughter of Charlie and Bessie. Mother of Comet. Grandmother of Jenn and Jersery the twins. Great-grandmother of Korm. She died of SIDS. Isabella: Daughter of Bliss and Henretta. She liked carrots and honey. She died of SIDS. Marilyn: Daughter of Ibin and Lucy. She grew and died. She will be missed. Sue : Daughter of Geo and Sandi. Sister to Gerry. She died in a crash.

All we are, Is bits in the wind...

Updated on September 29th 1999 by RudeDog

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